What is Baaz?

We’re making Social Media Global

With our headquarters in San Francisco and regional offices in Europe and the Middle East, Baaz is a truly global company expanding the reach of social media in underserved markets.

Why Baaz?

Baaz is a next generation social media platform created with a multi-national audience in mind. By using powerful analytics, trend analysis, and advanced natural language processing technology, our platform provides relevant and reliable news and information to users worldwide.

Baaz is a fast-paced, success-oriented environment fueled by the talent, skills, expertise, and enthusiasm of our employees. We have embraced a philosophy that thrives on change, new technology, teamwork, and partnerships within and beyond the organization. We set expectations and exceed them, consistently.

Our future depends on bright, energetic, talented people who share a passion for building the next generation of social media.

Work with Baaz

Headquartered in San Francisco, we also offer exciting and competitive opportunities in Europe and the Middle East. We invite you to bring your talent to one of our offices and help create our future, expanding our reach and influence worldwide. If this is the environment you are seeking, email us at careers@baaz.com

Contact Us

Our top priority at Baaz is to ensure user satisfaction and convenience, so don’t let your thoughts go unheard!
Whether it’s a comment, question, or detailed feedback, feel free to stop by our cool space in downtown San Francisco, give us a call, or drop us an e-mail. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Contact us at:

1775 Tyson’s Blvd. 5th Floor McLean, VA 22102 United States of America